Our Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD is a very clean product.

 This product has been processed to remove lipid and fats that are unnecessary in a CBD product. Most companies will only process the CBD once to save on money but still charge you and not tell you. We are honest and will always be an upfront honest company as we stand with our values of transparency. We have uploaded our test to show you who we are!


This product as is taken directly in the mouth. Feed 1-2 droppers daily to help with muscle fatigue, pain, inflamation and stress.

You are more than welcome to put it on the food, but just remember that when added to food any and all CBD will start to break down and it now has to be broken down and absorbed in the body with food which will take longer for the CBD to take effect. This is why we recommed giving this orally. And besides your pup will love this because it taste like beef!


Now we could tell you more but because we stand behind what FDA regulations we cannot say it can heal anything. 


CBD is known to help with more than what we have written but in order to stay in the guidelines please know that this CBD does more  and helps your pet than you could possibly imagine. 

300mg CBD Tincture- Beef Flavor


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