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I came across Marley's Pet Planet when I was walking the Poway farmers market. I was intrigued by their dog treats and started talking with the owner Carla. She was so knowledgable and her passion for ensuring dogs have a healthy yet delicious diet won me over. I bought a bag of treats and let my dog try them and he immediatley loved them. I looked at the ingredients and they looked so good I tried a piece. It tasted really good! Carla then expanded her business making fresh, healthy, home cooked dog food. I have been feeding my dog Marley's Pet Planet dog food and have noticed a major difference in my dog. I am also using her pet shampoo. He has more energy, his fur looks shiny and is smooth to the touch as he has lost weight and is at his perfect weight. His breath also smells better! I highly recommend Marley's Pet Planet! They are not only friendly, they truly care for the well being of your pet! ~ Garnet customer since 2017


Our Story

Marley’s Pet Planet®  started out as a dog treat business making hand made, grain free, gluten free, soft, moist, delicious gourmet dog biscuits and dog beer.

We are proud to say that we are “San Diego’s Original Craft Dog Beer”.

We quickly realized we wanted to share our fresh gourmet dog food that Carla feeds her very own dog and the all natural health care remedies that  would be made at home.


Carla Butcher

President and Chief Product Officer

Carla Butcher is a proud veteran of our armed forces and the CEO of Marley's Pet Planet LLC. Carla has over eighteen years of culinary experience in the restaurant industry and has a bachelor’s degree in business. Carla went to work creating gourmet biscuits, and our San Diego’s original craft dog beer, and had help creating all the holistic health care products and the nutritious gourmet dog food all in honor of her very own Mr. Marley. Mr. Marley is Carla Butcher’s PTSD service dog. After Carla Butcher developed PTSD from serving our great country, one of the ways Carla healed was because she had Mr. Marley. He gave her the physical and emotion support she needed to help heal. Today Carla says: “ This is a pay it forward business because of Mr. Marley!” Together Carla and her PTSD service dog Mr. Marley want to provide all the basic essentials to help your pups live an optimal, healthy life.

Love, Carla & Mr. Marley

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