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I came across Marley's Pet Planet when I was walking the Poway farmers market. I was intrigued by their dog treats and started talking with the owner Carla. She was so knowledgable and her passion for ensuring dogs have a healthy yet delicious diet won me over. I bought a bag of treats and let my dog try them and he immediatley loved them. I looked at the ingredients and they looked so good I tried a piece. It tasted really good! Carla then expanded her business making fresh, healthy, home cooked dog food. I have been feeding my dog Marley's Pet Planet dog food and have noticed a major difference in my dog. I am also using her pet shampoo. He has more energy, his fur looks shiny and is smooth to the touch as he has lost weight and is at his perfect weight. His breath also smells better! I highly recommend Marley's Pet Planet! They are not only friendly, they truly care for the well being of your pet! ~ Garnet customer since 2017


Marley's Soft Gourmet Biscuits

What makes Marley's Biscuits different?

We created a healthy, soft moist treat that all dogs from puppies to seniors can enjoy. Our biscuits are made with high quailty nutritious ingredients. They are great for dog who have missing teeth or food sensitivities as well.

Our ingredients: Pumpkin, Bacon,  Coconut Flour, Eggs, Bananas, Marley’s Peanut Butter (Peanuts, Bone Broth), and a splash of Vitamin C and E 

Because these biscuits are all natural (real food) it is a must you freeze or refrigerate these biscuits. Once taken out of the freezer the biscuits will last 20 days in the refrigerator.We have three flavors to choose from. *Perishable