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Marley’s Pet Planet ® creates the healthiest CBD and NON-CBD specialty goods for dogs.

Our Products
About Carla Shepard

Carla was a culinary chef for over eighteen years. When she started Marley’s Pet Planet LLC. you better believe she used her culinary skills to create these gourmet CBD and Non CBD biscuits and dog beverages. Carla had help creating the health care remedies with a health care professional to make sure all ingredients are to her standards of safe and effective. Today Carla is a CBD expert as she has taken all the courses to educated herself on what CBD can do for the body, how it works, and how its processed, her expertise is focused on pets! Let Carla provide you with all your pups daily essentials. Put your trust in her and know that everything she makes is with love and with the highest standard.

What do we do?

Marley’s Pet Planet ® creates the healthiest CBD and NON-CBD specialty goods for dogs.
We make everything with the purest ingredients – we do not use harmful preservatives, chemicals, sugars or salts.
We started by created a healthy, soft moist treat that all dogs from puppies to seniors can enjoy. Today we have the coolest, safe and healthiest dog products on the planet! See for yourself!

Our Story

Mr. Marley was Carla Shepard’s PTSD service dog. After serving our country Carla developed PTSD. One of the ways Carla healed was because of her dog Marley. Marley gave her the emotion support she needed to recover and live a normal healthy life.

Today Carla says: “This is a pay it forward company to honor my dog Marley”. To honor Marley, Carla created Marley’s Pet Planet, a company created from compassion. As a way to pay it forward for every dog owner and the love they share with their best friend. 

Love, Carla 

R.I.P(June 6th 2009- Nov 9th 2020)

Momma will carry your legacy Marley! I promise I will tell everyone how you changed my life and my heart!


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Top Support

Contact us if you are unsure about the differences in nutritional requirements for your dog. Ask the Pros!



I have been wanting to write a review for sometime now. I am very excited to tell you about this company, that I don't even know where to begin. I have been a customer since the beginning. Plain and simple: their products are amazing! Owning two Pits with skin and medical issues has been tricky. Lots of time, money and thought goes into what I use and give my dogs. With Marley's Pet Planet products I dont't have to think about what I am using or giving them. I use their shampoo weekly, their ear wipes when I need them, the toothpaste weekly, and finish their adventurs with a biscuit. I have always been a supporter of small businesses, but their isn't a company that I support more then them. Honest, dedicated, loyal. They love and care about my pets as much as I do. Thank you MPP for thinking about my pets when making your products. Customer for life- Janine (The keeper of Elliott and Fiona De Pippo) Customer since 2018


(San Diego)


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(Also sold on AMAZON and Barnes and Nobles)

Audio Version Sold on Amazon, iTunes, Audible- Carla Shepard is the Narrartor

Certified Life Coach

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