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About Us

Our story

Marley’s Pet Planet started out as a dog treat business making hand made, grain free, gluten free, soft, moist, delicious gourmet dog biscuits. We are proud to say that they are “San Diego’s Original Soft Gourmet Biscuits”. We quickly realized we wanted to share our fresh gourmet raw dog food that we feed our very own dogs. Stephanie Butcher, one of the CEO’s is a raw dog food nutrition specialist, with certification in Raw Foods Pet Nutrition and is a veteran pharmacy specialist technician with over twenty years of experience in the medical field. She has the knowledge and expertise to compound all of our holistic health care products to help dogs with certain minor aliments they could possibly be suffering from.

Carla Butcher a proud veteran of our armed forces and the other CEO has over eighteen years of culinary experience in the restaurant industry and has a bachelor’s degree in business. Together they went to work creating gourmet biscuits, food, our San Diego’s original craft dog beer, and our holistic health care products. All in honor of our very own Mr. Marley. Mr. Marley is Carla Butcher’s PTSD service dog. After Carla Butcher developed PTSD from serving our great country, one of the ways Carla healed was because she had Mr. Marley. He gave her the physical and emotion support she needed to help heal. Today Carla and Stephanie say: “ This is a pay it forward business because of Mr. Marley!” Together these two incredible ladies want to provide all the basic essentials to help your pets live an optimal, healthy life.

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